Teacher Training

For more than thirty years, the Alaska Council on Economic Education, in a strong partnership with the UAA Center for Economic Education, has worked to improve economic education in Alaska's schools, primarily through teacher training. Examples of programming offered include:


Incentives matter!  This is one of the 10  key principles in Economics! YOU can take part in practicing these principles by earning real money in this course. 

This class will provide many hands-on activities that teachers can use to help students learn about Alaska in concert with economic principles. 

All secondary and middle school social studies teachers will benefit from this course. Teachers will be able to help students look at Alaska since statehood, and see how changes in population, employment, government, and more, impact this state’s history and economic structure and growth.    Experts in these fields will be guest speakers.   Instructors will tie this information to economic theory and applications in the classroom.

Participants also will have an opportunity to win technology and travel incentives for their final project!

Click here for a video of the Ten Principles.


Common Sense Economics Workshop

Common Sense Economics Workshops:

Economics HQ and Endorsement Classes

a)     Add- Economics HQ and Endorsement classes starting in the Fall of 2014.  These courses will prepare you for passing the Praxis Economics Test and help towards Economics Endorsement and Salary Advancement. Sign up for our newsletter and/or like us on Facebook for more information.

Economics Forums

3-credit courses that introduce K-12 educators and administrators to important economic concepts through topical issues affecting Alaskans.  Topics, times and locations vary.

Stock Market Game Courses

Teachers take up to three 1-credit courses covering stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to implement this online simulation game in their classes. Teams of students in upper elementary through high school can then “trade” on the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Market using imaginary funds, in competition with teams from other schools. Students learn economic concepts such as competition, and supply and demand.

Increasing access through technology

Current efforts include development of a Smartphone application for easy use of experimental economics in the classroom, and the creation of a Web portal that provides easier access to teachers anywhere in the state.

Tailored Courses

For-credit courses based on demand and availability that provide K-12 teachers with economic concepts and teaching tools for introducing those concepts into the classroom. Examples of course offerings include economics and Alaskan history, energy and the Alaska economy, financial literacy, and economics for elementary students.

Experimental Economics Lab Courses

Lab courses in which teachers learn about economic experiments (simulations of real-life economic situations) they can incorporate into the classroom.

Teacher Portal Training

Click here to go the Teacher Portal and access crème-of-the-crop economics lessons and resources that have been screened by experienced teachers.  Submit your own favorite lessons!

If you need assistance using the teacher portal we're happy to help!  E-mail us at acee@gci.net to set up a time. 

We also have a discussion board where you can interact with other econ teachers, discuss what works and what doesn't, share best practices, mentor and learn.

Support economic education in Alaska.