FAIL a basic high school economics quiz*
of U.S. high school students know the purpose of the stock market.*
of U.S. adults can define 'budget deficit'.*
It's our goal to change that.



*Source: P. Grimes, K. Rogers and W. Bosshardt (2011) "Economic Education and Consumer Experience During The Financial Crisis"- Working Paper

of students
Less than half
Less than

Alaska Council Programming Impacts

The Alaska Council on Economic Education works to educate Alaska's young people, primarily through well-prepared teachers, so they can become empowered with economic and financial literacy.

Our reach in the last 5 years

1,400   K-12 teachers trained
20,000+ Students impacted
Economics Forums

3-credit courses that introduce K-12 educators and administrators to important economic concepts through topical issues affecting Alaskans.  Topics, times and locations vary.

Stock Market Game Courses

Teachers take up to three 1-credit courses covering stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to implement this online simulation game in their classes.

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